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Glass Machinery Imports suppliers Australia wide of FCL of Glass, in bulk and mixed containers of a wide range of Glass products.

About Glass imports

GLASS MACHINERY IMPORTS are the Australian representatives for Bavelloni Machines, Bavelloni Tools, Yalos Bavelloni Washing Machines, Ashton Industrial and SCHIAVO general Glass Processing Products including storage systems, also incorporating Glass Imports (AUST) suppliers of full container Loads of Glass and speciality Glass Products.

Glass Machinery Imports

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We also have Australia’s largest stockholding of Genuine Bavelloni Spares which we distribute Australia wide from our Queensland Warehouse.

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On all our machinery Products we have our own warehouse stocking genuine parts including wheels and tools parts and our own “in house” service division, along with trained Bavelloni Factory Trained Technicians in most states and “online” Bavelloni direct factory intervention as required Bavelloni and GMI regularly upgrade older machines software from old software that is no longer supported e.g.: Microsoft XP with latest available software increasing the longevity of the machines.


shield Superior Strength and Low Maintenance

Bavelloni Machines have been operational in Australia for near 40 years, with many machines still in operation today, virtually every machine operator in Australia today along with every machinery maintenance person is familiar with Bavelloni machinery.

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GMI has our on “in house” Service Technician, along with Trained Technicians in most States, for more complex matters we conduct Internet interventions direct with Bavelloni Italy and the full resources of their world renown Service Personal.

quality Long lasting quality

Bavelloni machines have been operational in Australia for near on 40 years with sales in excess of 500 machines.

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